Editor’s Choice Edition 7

Boy graduating wearing blue robe and hat

When a child is born, as a parent we see only perfection – a beautiful being created by
US! As they begin to grow and develop their own little (or large) personality, we begin to
learn about them as a person separate from us.

So, what do you do when “they” tell you that your child will never drive, never finish
school, never do all the things that you’ve dreamed for them? You fight back.

Editor’s Choice Inspirational Edition

person with a tattooed back

I remember that night with such clarity and detail. I was working late in the courtyard of
my small printing business when he scaled the eight-foot wall and suddenly appeared
behind me, holding a screwdriver to my neck. I fought with everything I had but
unfortunately lost that fight. He left me there, tied up, bleeding profusely from the
numerous wounds that he inflicted

Editors Choice Edition 5

Tandem skydiving

So what are you allowing in your sub-conscious mindset to hold you back as YOUR Glass Ceiling?

Editors Choice: Second Edition

lady with umbrella

The soft feeling of newly cut grass beneath my feet. The smell of brightly coloured flowers around me. I find myself in a beautiful garden. Birds singing gently. I feel very safe and comfortable. There are people around me smiling and laughing at the jokes I am telling them. A sense of confidence fills my entire being, and suddenly being surrounded by people and speaking to them is something I feel very comfortable with. The sympathy is overwhelming, and pride in my confidence bubbles up through my core. A wave of gratitude washes over me as I realise that my cheeks hurt from the strain of smiling. Then, suddenly, I am snapped back to my living room.

Editor’s Choice: Inaugural Edition

Don't Give Up You Are Not Alone You Matter

As I stood on the balcony watching colourful fireworks ushering in 2020, I did not shed a tear as usual. I watched silently wondering what my 50th year would bring. What do most people do when life throws them tsunamis and earthquakes? It had been 10 years, and I missed my forties. It had been doctor after doctor and the diagnoses: depression, fibromyalgia and mid-summer 2019, lupus. On the back of the mind were the rumours of COVID 19 and my vulnerability.