Editor’s Choice Issue 13

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The definition of a box is a container with a flat bottom and sides.

In our modern world, we are constantly living in various boxes, they come in different shapes and sizes, and we move between them at times, but we are in them more than not.

Editor’s Choice: Inspirational Men Edition (11)

Picture showing Resilience

Everyone has a story with good and bad in it. Mine is no different and has both in spades.

The goods have been great. Some of the bads have been terrible (why do we always
remember the bad more vividly?). We are all good at spotting our own weaknesses,
especially during bad times, but there are always strengths there too that everyone has.

I realise I do have one skill, gift, strength, whatever it is.

Editor’s Choice Edition 9

black and white sign saying happiness is a choice

Wellness is higher on the agenda than ever since COVID hit. Business leaders are increasingly being expected to DO something to protect and enhance staff wellbeing. You’ll no doubt know that mental wellbeing affects staff performance and loyalty. So good mental health is not only desirable, it makes good business sense. And yet, despite the high priority that wellness is afforded, sadness, anxiety and stress have all doubled since COVID started and the trajectory is showing little sign of improving.