Issue 11: November 2021

You’ll find exclusive insights including…
  • Ever been to prison? Learn how three men changed their lives from behind bars to business owners!
  • David Phelps shares with us how supporting his daughter led him from dentistry to real estate.
  • Have you faced discrimination or bias living with a disability? Two men share their struggles of diversity and inclusion and their determination to keep pushing upwards.
  • Imagine finding out you had a flesh eating disease? Read one man’s story of his fight to conquer Necrotising Facsiitis
  • Josh DeShong tells us how he learned to build his financial stability after facing a life of possible homelessness
  • Asking for help isn’t easy for anyone! Sam Ortyl shares why he did before the point of no return!
  • The Questions that changed my Life: Jacob Lethbridge shares how he got through one life altering moment.