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Laura Billingham

Editor’s Choice Edition 8

After 7 years, I’m cashing up the virtual till, shutting the virtual windows, and locking the
virtual door for the last time on one of my businesses. It is time to say goodbye.
Not because I am dead, or any living being has been brought to a swift and premature
demise. But because I realised the business was no longer serving me. It had become a
drain on my time, my money, and my own health.

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Boy graduating wearing blue robe and hat
Laura Billingham

Editor’s Choice Edition 7

When a child is born, as a parent we see only perfection – a beautiful being created by
US! As they begin to grow and develop their own little (or large) personality, we begin to
learn about them as a person separate from us.

So, what do you do when “they” tell you that your child will never drive, never finish
school, never do all the things that you’ve dreamed for them? You fight back.

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person with a tattooed back
Laura Billingham

Editor’s Choice Inspirational Edition

I remember that night with such clarity and detail. I was working late in the courtyard of
my small printing business when he scaled the eight-foot wall and suddenly appeared
behind me, holding a screwdriver to my neck. I fought with everything I had but
unfortunately lost that fight. He left me there, tied up, bleeding profusely from the
numerous wounds that he inflicted

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Magical book
Laura Billingham

Editor’s Choice: Christmas Edition

It is dark apart from a small side light, casting weird shadows whenever we move. I am starving after a whole day’s fasting, but mostly excited, cheeks burning I whisper and giggle with my brother and we tell each other to be quiet…shush!

Our joy and anticipation is palpable as we are trying to keep still. We are waiting for the all important sound of the bell, announcing the start of festivities. This is the 24th December, Christmas Eve, Austria. The year is 1966

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Whisky Glasses
Laura Billingham

Editor’s Choice: Third Edition

Whisky and women; they’re not words many people put together. Whisky conjures up images of men with cigars in dusty rooms and open fires. We know it’s a stereotype, yet people still gravitate to my husband when talking about whisky. To be fair, his knowledge is pretty decent; he’s a good student! He hangs in well before politely passing them on to me, much to their surprise. They haven’t realised the world of whisky is no longer just a
man’s game.

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