The International Mo2vate

We have six categories up for grabs for these awards and there will be a minimum of 3 finalists and a maximum of 8 for each category. There will be one clear winner for each category.
All nominees have written for our magazine since June 2020 and will still be fully subscribed. Those who will not be included have already unsubscribed or have been removed from our platform. 

Juding and Criteria

All entries will be sent for judging without names, contact details or pictures of the Authors to ensure a transparent and fair process whereby you will be judged purely on your writing abilities. 
These are the criteria the judges will be looking for namely, originality, valuable content, unique style of writing, impact on the reader and most compelling to read.
Nominees will be included in our 2023 Awards up to and including our Christmas 2022 edition. 
Each category winner will receive a prestigious award made from glass and engraved with their name and the award they have won.
All winners will appear on our website and our April edition of the Magazine.

Award Categories

Most Compelling Article (All)

Recognises outstanding storytelling whose content or style is so unique that it does not fit the definition of any other category but compelling.

Most Inspirational Article (All)

Recognises the writers journey told in such a way it evokes an emotional response in the reader.

Best Overall Article (Open to All)

Recognises the writing that leaves either an emotional impact or educational impact above all other articles.

Best Business Information Writer (Business)

Recognises the content shared within the article is written is such a way it gives the reader value the reader can learn from and go on to use in their own business either through growth or personal development.

Most Impactful Article (Health)

Recognises the valuable information shared which would enable the reader to make a positive impact on their own health and wellbeing.

Best Editor’s Choice Article

This award will be chosen by our Editor in Chief based on the same criteria as the other awards.